©2017 by Eva Luna


The creative act is equal parts aesthetic and energetic.

In order to create, we must connect.  In order to connect, we must feel. 

This work is as much about the thoughts and emotions behind an image as the image itself.

In my work, I seek to awaken in the viewer a sense of freedom, communicating through movement and visual art the innate beauty, strength and resilience of the human spirit.  


As a model, I am fascinated by all aspects of the creative process and love to collaborate with inventive designers, hair and makeup artists, photographers, painters, sculptors, performers, and digital creators.  Creative living is not just my bread and butter; it's my heart and soul.  Don’t see your medium listed here?  Share with me; I’m always exploring new avenues of expression.


I’m friendly, relaxed, down to earth, often silly and spontaneous.  Perceptive and intuitive, I strive to relate on a deeper level.  Wrapping my mind around psychology, comparative mythology, and the intricate workings of nature are passions of mine. I’m also a long-time yogi who loves to teach, dance, garden, hike and camp.